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MCBI Accredited Agents List

In accordance with the Government Decision No. 786 of October 4, 2017 on obtaining of citizenship-by-investment and MCBI Program's Commission Policies, the application can be submitted by an Accredited Agent. The List of Accredited Agents to the MCBI Program is provided below:

Company Name Contract No. Address Email Contact Person Website
Henley & Partners SRL AA/01/2018 65, Stefan Cel Mare Blvd. Chisinau, Moldova Pavel Burghelea
Turcan Cazac Law Firm AA/02/2018 47/1-5A Puskin Str. Chisinau, Moldova Alexander Turcan
”Vladimir Iurkovski” Avocat Bureau AA/03/2018 51, Alexandru cel Bun Str., Chisinau, Moldova Vladimir Iurkovski
”IMMIGRANT INVEST” SRL AA/04/2019 49/3, of. 54, Tighina Str., Chisinau, Moldova Shiyun Li
"CC Advisers" SRL (Chetcuti Cauchi) AA/06/2019 47/1-5a, A. Puskin Str. Chisinau, Moldova Jean Philippe Chetcuti
Global Information Consulting Group AA/05/2019 National Business Centre, Stefan cel Mare, 73/1 2001 Chisinau, Moldova Dr Yanica Caruana
360 Citizen Management Consultancies AA/07/2019 29, Scatul Tarii, office 702, MD - 2012, Chisinau, Moldova Gemma Nicolaescu
"Visa Free Europe" SRL AA/08/2019 9/1 Str., Uzinelor, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Victor Tomsa
”Elevay Limited” SRL AA/11/2019 65, Stefan cel Mare blvd., of. 806, Chisinau, Moldova Salma El Shurafa

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